Endurance – for groups of 12 or more drivers,minimum age of 14 years.

Endurance events are the ultimate team building tool.  Drivers work together in teams swapping over in pitstops using the best strategy to complete more laps than the others!  Its this simple…….the team with the most laps wins!!


Endurance events will start with tuition from one of our race directors, followed by practice laps so drivers can familiarise themselves with the karts.

Teams will start in order of fastest from practice first then once the lights go green each team completes as many laps as possible before the chequered flag drops!  Teams will be required to perform a minimum amount of pit stops during the race.

Trophies are awarded to the top 3 teams plus a bottle of bubbly for the fastest lap!!

The prices and details:

£74 a team for 10 minute practice followed by a 40 min race, (normally 2-3 in a team)
£106 a team for 15 minute practice followed by a 60 min race, (normally 2-3 in a team)
£138 a team for 20 minute practice followed by a 90 min race, (normally 3-4 in a team)
£170 a team for 20 minute practice followed by a 120 min race, (normally 3-5 in a team)

Note: we require a minimum of 6 teams and maximum of 11 teams on track

Please call on 01544 318334 or email info@herefordshireraceway.org.uk with any questions or enquiries

Booking Confirmation

In order to confirm bookings a £10 per head deposit is required which may be paid by card payment over the phone or bank transfer. It is advisable that the organiser collects this deposit from each driver.
Please note that deposits are normally due at least two weeks before the booking.

Please note

Late arrivals may necessitate a shortening of actual event time!  Karting does runs in the wet, in fact its even more fun!  We supply wet weather gear for these conditions.  We do not run in the ice or the snow.